Transforming How the World Shares Data

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What Is Doolli

A Platform for the 21st Century

Don't just share your files, deploy data-driven applications 100X faster than before. With one platform instead of many you will save time and money. Manage all types of data and rich media, publish multiple views from a single database for different audiences, and share with anyone you want - all without writing a single line of code. Sharing and networking your data has never been easier or more more powerful.

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A True Productivity Platform

Doolli is a new paradigm in Cloud Computing. It combines data collection and management with reporting, analysis and publishing while providing all the capabilities you expect in cutting edge cloud technology. It is a truly no code platform that enables everyone to do what they could never do before.

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App Marketplace

These Apps Will Change Your Life

Check out our ever-growing library of free personal and business app templates. From Contacts, Directories, Project Management and Asset Repositories to Portfolios, Time Sheets, Wine Collections and more Doolli has an App Template to help you organize yourself, your personal life, your business and your whole world. If you don't find what you need, create your own App Templates, which you can keep private or deploy via the Doolli App Marketplace.

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Community Permissions

Build Communities Around Your Data

With Doolli, you can collect and share data with an entire ecosystem of contributors. Whether that means just you, your friends, work groups, an entire company, or the entire world, you decide who sees what and where. Share and distribute on any social or media network. Do it simply, very quickly, securely and cost effectively.

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File Room

Easily Move Data to the Doolli Cloud with File Room!

We’ve taken all the drudge work out of transferring files with our new File Room utility, available as a desktop utility, as well as iOS/Android native mobile apps. Drag and drop, then its done.

And that's Doolli, a digital platform that allows everyone to create private and public ecosystems, facilitating the exchange of data and information on an unparalleled level.

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