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What Is Doolli

A Revolutionary Cloud-Based Platform

The next innovation in data integration software has arrived. Doolli, a revolutionary cloud-based platform, allows users to integrate, publish, and share their data seamlessly — all from a single platform. Doolli not only saves hours (or even days, weeks, and months) with its unprecedented efficiency, it sets a new standard for data sharing and organization. And you don’t have to write a single line of code.

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Doolli at its Core

At its core, Doolli is a permission matrix. By creating a hierarchy of users who can view, create, edit, or administer information, the Doolli Matrix allows for a fluid, controlled exchange of data, information, and applications from every outpost of cyberspace.

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File Room

A Paradigm Shift

Doolli represents a paradigm shift in cloud technology; such integration would be impossible on current platforms (or at best, a grand expenditure of time and finances). Convert your data into maps, graphs, calendars, and charts. Target a single user, an unrestricted audience, or anything in between. You have the ability to target members of a sub-community with a shared interest, or grant access on a subscription-only basis to paying customers.

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App Marketplace

Discover App Templates That Interest You

For those who want to start their Doolli experience with a bit more guidance, existing applications for datasets and views are available in the Doolli App Template Marketplace. If you’re an innovator and prefer to build your Doolli platform from the ground up, you have that option as well.

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Archeological Dig Example

Doolli in Action – Archeology Data

Potential use cases for Doolli are everywhere. Say, for example, hundreds of organizations are uploading tens-of-thousands of images and notes associated with various archeological digs from around the world. Doolli's platform is ideal for organizing, managing and sharing all of this data. Once these datasets are built, Views can be created for different audiences. Permissions can be granted in how users can interact with the data, who can contribute, who can view, etc. Prior to Doolli, this would have been impossible or cost prohibitive. Doolli not only delivers efficiencies from the Cloud, but offers a true paradigm shift.

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Build Communities Around Your Data

And that’s Doolli: a digital platform that allows the user to create private and public ecosystems, facilitating the exchange of data and information on an unparalleled level. Doolli raises the bar for what cloud-based data integration systems can aspire to be.

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