Author: Roderick Paulus

How To Create Sales Pages with Kartra

A good sales page is for a digital business as important as water for plants. The reason for saying this is simple: it is the tool that can make a difference in the income statement of your business, so it is no-nonsense. Therefore, I want to help you learn how to create an effective sales page, so that all possible traffic that reaches it becomes customers.

What Are You Selling?

The first thing to create a sales page is the headline or headline.

It should be noted that the main benefit that your customer will get if he decides to buy. For example, “How to double visits to your shoe store in a week.”

From the first line, your ideal client must know the transformation that he will experience when buying your product or service.

Put Yourself In The Shoes Of Your Target Audience

Deepen your need, your problem, in his “pain.”

In this step, you have to empathize with your ideal client and put your finger on the sore. It’s about making him see his fears and frustrations, so he perceives that you know what you are talking about and understand his needs.

To do this, you have to ask questions such as:

  • Do you feel frustrated by X?
  • Tired of wanting X and not seeing how to achieve it?
  • Hasn’t X ever happened to you?
  • X is always a fear or frustration of the customer, so I recommend that before creating a sales page for a product or service, you make a mind map where you collect all the possible X.

Tell Your Story

Show that you know how they feel and, above all, show that you have also been through that.

Tell your story and establish an emotional bond. Remember that it is empathy that will make you connect. And to show empathy, you have to generate an emotional connection.

Announce That You Have Found A Solution

We’ve already put your problems on the table, and you’ve introduced yourself. The time has come to launch a lifeguard and talk about your product or service.

But don’t do it anyway! Forget about describing the characteristics and think about the benefits; That is why it will change the lives of your customers.

Explain What They Will Receive

Make their mouths water by imagining the result of buying your product or service.

At this time, you have to describe what your product or service includes (and what doesn’t), including extras or bonuses.

Now you can (and should) explain the characteristics. The key is to make it irresistible, that whoever passes by here takes the thought that it is painful not to buy and, above all, that the added value of the product is much higher than its price.

Explain The Value Of What They Receive In Terms Of Utility

The customer must be clear in his mind that there is a before and after in case of buying your product.

For this reason, when creating an effective sales page, you have to present the practical utility that you will get clear.

Offer (Price)

At this time, in the process of creating a sales page, including the price of the product or service should be almost a piece of cake, but I recommend that you sweeten it by making a very obvious comparison or showing the main benefits. Check Kartra website, for example, and how much Kartra costs a month to get a sense of what content you should put on the sales page.

Many entrepreneurs are afraid or ashamed to put a price appropriate to the value they offer. Take off these fears, or your client will notice and run away from your offer.

Remember that you must value your offer yourself if you want others to do it too.

Warranty And Refund Policy (Optional)

In 99.9% of cases, all online sellers offer a money-back guarantee.

The reason is simple: the more risk you are able to eliminate from the customer’s mind, the easier the sale will be.

Personally, I am not in favor of offering return guarantees in the case of services since they are hours of work that I cannot recover.

Therefore, when creating a sales page, I reflect on it, and thus, I do not give rise to misunderstandings.

For the products, there is no problem. Do not be afraid, because only a small percentage will request a refund. And in the long run, it compensates to offer guarantees because it is what can decant the sale in your favor.

Call To Action Or Call To Action (CTA)

Be brave. Ask them to buy it.

  • Click here
  • Buy now
  • Access now

You will lose sales if you do not include a call to action distributed at the beginning and end of the sales page.…


Gamify Your Web Marketing

Gamification is using video game mechanics in non-game settings in order to motivate particularly wanted habits. By making the most of our mental predisposition to playing video games, gamification motivates people to carry out jobs that they may generally think about tires.

When doing this, you include components to your website or apps like benefits, obstacles, and a lot more. This will activate a sense of accomplishment and use the competitive nature in people, motivating them to use the app/website a lot more due to the fact that they’ll enjoy it.

Using gamification will guarantee you a long-lasting engagement, commitment, and important outcomes for your service. Video game aspects that you can include are points, leaderboards, score, virtual currency, virtual components, and far more.

Pros and Cons of Gamification to your marketing

Gamification sounds enjoyable, and all, but is it helpful for your business? Some ideas to remember:


  • It increases the engagement of partners, consumers & potential customers. Rewarding them (it does not’ need to be something content stick, it can also be an acknowledgment and even important content) can increase their commitment and favorable sensation towards your service.
  • It talks to the sense of accomplishment & competitors of people. People wish to be seen and get rewarded.
  • It will help your potential customers recognize each other. Having gamification tools can help you section your potential customers, so you can make them a more customized deal.


  • Gamification can, in some cases, be used in a generic method. Some business believes that by including badges and leaderboards to some procedures, they’re producing an enjoyable experience. It’s more than that, and it is very important to have a balance between partners and competitors.
  • Playing along should not be necessary. The enjoyable in it will be gone if the business requires its workers to play along.
  • Games at work can get laborious. You sure keep in mind Sweet Crush or Farmville. It’s a difficulty for designers to keep video games innovating, enjoyable, and inspiring.

Gamification in your marketing technique

Gamification is not a standard tool in the marketing world (yet!). It can be used on lots of items, services, or any phase of the client journey, and it’s quickly gotten used to any spending plan. What’s the effect of gamification on your marketing technique?

When a business innovates, people will consider that business as a more forward-thinking business, and it will affect the virality of your project. It promotes discussions with your customers that will result in: people being more inspired for a longer duration of time and more engaged with your content since you developed one unforgettable project, all!

Gamification in your marketing method

Take note of what your audience desires; it is necessary to keep your audience in mind when you think about a video game. What’s going to work for them, and what will interest them the most? A video game will not be the very same for an older audience than for a more youthful audience.

Do not go huge when you are simply believing about carrying out gamification, do not go overboard, rather begin with little actions. Start with an easy video game to see how it goes.

Want what you wish to provide as a benefit. It needs to be clear what you’re thinking about offering as a benefit, and these can be non-monetary or financial benefits.

Make it enjoyable! It does not matter what type of business you’re running; try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.


QR Codes in Advertising and Marketing

Customers cannot help but be curious as to where the QR code will transfer them. The issue is, most QR codes never ever provide on that suggested pledge in a rewarding method, and, honestly, this will destroy QR codes for the fantastic online marketers amongst us.

You can think about a QR code as a paper-based link that links the real world with the online world. For online marketers, QR codes permit ads, pamphlets, posters – even clothes or signboards– to direct users to mobile landing pages, which contain far more info and interactivity than can be managed on the printed page. This combination in between print and web through mobile includes a brand-new measurement of interaction to any marketing or outreach effort.

How Can QR Codes be used for Marketing?

There are a variety of useful methods QR codes can be used for marketing and promos in a range of settings. QR Codes can be incorporated into practically any kind of printed products, consisting of:

  • Conference/Event Displays
  • Print Ads
  • Service Cards
  • Posters, pamphlets, and leaflets
  • Mailers and postcards

What Are Some Other Benefits of Using QR Codes?

  • QR Codes offer a hassle-free one-step procedure for directing users to a site, telephone number, instructions, promos, or other details.
  • QR Codes can make more effective usage of printed products and minimize waste.
  • QR Codes expense absolutely nothing to produce; your marketing technique just restricts their usage.
  • QR Codes can be incorporated with a wide variety of marketing products for practically any function, consisting of print security, outside screen, and direct-mail advertising.
  • QR codes, along with the landing pages they connect to, can be seen on all popular mobile phone designs and do not need unique advancement for various platforms (e.g., iPhone vs. Android), as holds true with apps.
  • Actions activated through QR Codes can be traced with web analytics or other tools for marketing project measurement.

What is the Goal?

Simply since you can use a QR code, it does not imply you must use a QR code. The exact same is real for the usage of QR codes.

How will you determine success?

One of the greatest advantages of using QR codes is their innovative metrics abilities. Tagging systems permit you to quickly gather info on when and where your QR code was accessed, the type of gadget that was used to scan it, and enable customers to decide into email or SMS projects.

Where are you taking them?

If you do not have a wonderful journey in the shop for the customer, then leave them be. QR codes use a possibility to extend the customer experience and move customers along the course of the engagement. They simply took the time to engage with your marketing– you caught their attention!

What’s the life-span?

The appeal of a QR code is that you can reroute customers to a brand-new piece of content without altering the code itself. This allows you to customize the customer journey with time and extend the life of a project. By offering fresh content frequently, you motivate customers to end up being repeated scanners and increase your engagement chances.


How To Be A Successful Restaurateur

To help you produce a dish for success, we have created a how-to-get-started guide to ensure you have all the components you require to open your restaurant with self-confidence. The food business is challenging, ever-changing, and interesting.

Competitiveness is the Secret

Hospitality is a really competitive service, and it is hard to develop a brand name commitment.  To be effective, it is important that your restaurant isn’t the proverbial “flash in the pan.”

It goes without saying that an effective restaurant needs to serve terrific food – a quality item that’s a cut above the competitors. In order to do this, you need a gifted Chef – a Chef that stays in sync with the idea of the restaurant and shares your approach and enthusiasm. When you have that in place, you need to offer him the flexibility and assistance to produce a menu that is unique; this will attract your client base.

Staying Up-To-Date

Today restaurants have developed a habit of fine-dine, but this reason is far more specific to a restaurant.  If you wish to make it as a restaurant owner, you need to like what you do. In the

se early days, it’s also an excellent concept to figure out what you desire your restaurant to look like.

A great deal of it comes to determining what type of environment you wish to operate in, what will make you feel the method you wish to feel. It also does not injure to have individuals in your life who have an eye for style.


Your range must be finalized after vast marketing research, and an extensive take a look at your rivals, info on your target market, an overview of your marketing strategy, and a strong financial and budgeting forecast.


Whether you choose to lease area or construct from scratch, picking an area is one of the greatest choices you’ll make as an owner.

Technique structures your menu like an experiment. Think about having a supper celebration, including your proposed menu, where you ask individuals for their sincere feedback.

You may like the taste of a specific meal, but if clients will not pay for it or aren’t keen on its taste, you will not make money. When you ask for feedback, think about using a technique that allows familiar remarks so that you get individuals’ sincere responses.

Give training to your staff members

To much better handle your personnel, make sure you have worker training products all set. Develop a training guide, so workers are well prepared for their particular positions.

Produce start-up capital

Similar to every business, ensure you understand just how much cash you need to get your restaurant off the ground.