How To Create Sales Pages with Kartra

A good sales page is for a digital business as important as water for plants. The reason for saying this is simple: it is the tool that can make a difference in the income statement of your business, so it is no-nonsense. Therefore, I want to help you learn how to create an effective sales page, so that all possible traffic that reaches it becomes customers.

What Are You Selling?

The first thing to create a sales page is the headline or headline.

It should be noted that the main benefit that your customer will get if he decides to buy. For example, “How to double visits to your shoe store in a week.”

From the first line, your ideal client must know the transformation that he will experience when buying your product or service.

Put Yourself In The Shoes Of Your Target Audience

Deepen your need, your problem, in his “pain.”

In this step, you have to empathize with your ideal client and put your finger on the sore. It’s about making him see his fears and frustrations, so he perceives that you know what you are talking about and understand his needs.

To do this, you have to ask questions such as:

  • Do you feel frustrated by X?
  • Tired of wanting X and not seeing how to achieve it?
  • Hasn’t X ever happened to you?
  • X is always a fear or frustration of the customer, so I recommend that before creating a sales page for a product or service, you make a mind map where you collect all the possible X.

Tell Your Story

Show that you know how they feel and, above all, show that you have also been through that.

Tell your story and establish an emotional bond. Remember that it is empathy that will make you connect. And to show empathy, you have to generate an emotional connection.

Announce That You Have Found A Solution

We’ve already put your problems on the table, and you’ve introduced yourself. The time has come to launch a lifeguard and talk about your product or service.

But don’t do it anyway! Forget about describing the characteristics and think about the benefits; That is why it will change the lives of your customers.

Explain What They Will Receive

Make their mouths water by imagining the result of buying your product or service.

At this time, you have to describe what your product or service includes (and what doesn’t), including extras or bonuses.

Now you can (and should) explain the characteristics. The key is to make it irresistible, that whoever passes by here takes the thought that it is painful not to buy and, above all, that the added value of the product is much higher than its price.

Explain The Value Of What They Receive In Terms Of Utility

The customer must be clear in his mind that there is a before and after in case of buying your product.

For this reason, when creating an effective sales page, you have to present the practical utility that you will get clear.

Offer (Price)

At this time, in the process of creating a sales page, including the price of the product or service should be almost a piece of cake, but I recommend that you sweeten it by making a very obvious comparison or showing the main benefits. Check Kartra website, for example, and how much Kartra costs a month to get a sense of what content you should put on the sales page.

Many entrepreneurs are afraid or ashamed to put a price appropriate to the value they offer. Take off these fears, or your client will notice and run away from your offer.

Remember that you must value your offer yourself if you want others to do it too.

Warranty And Refund Policy (Optional)

In 99.9% of cases, all online sellers offer a money-back guarantee.

The reason is simple: the more risk you are able to eliminate from the customer’s mind, the easier the sale will be.

Personally, I am not in favor of offering return guarantees in the case of services since they are hours of work that I cannot recover.

Therefore, when creating a sales page, I reflect on it, and thus, I do not give rise to misunderstandings.

For the products, there is no problem. Do not be afraid, because only a small percentage will request a refund. And in the long run, it compensates to offer guarantees because it is what can decant the sale in your favor.

Call To Action Or Call To Action (CTA)

Be brave. Ask them to buy it.

  • Click here
  • Buy now
  • Access now

You will lose sales if you do not include a call to action distributed at the beginning and end of the sales page.

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